You will have exactly
what you initially expected

When you contact a software development company, you run the risk of initially asking for a circle and in the end, finding yourself with a rectangle.

Instead, with, what you ask for initially is what you will get in the end.
Thanks to a PRECISE METHODOLOGY that our Team applies, from the requirement assessment to the solution release.

for companies

Since 2003,, one of the divisions of the fastERA group, supports companies in Northern Italy and Ticino, designing and developing custom applications and software at AFFORDABLE PRICES for all businesses..

We are able to meet your expectations, whatever your sector and size of your business.
Whether it is to create a NEW PROJECT, or to INTEGRATE new solutions to already EXISTING hardware and software PROJECTS in the company or of THIRD PARTIES.
All with the highest competencies of a TEAM totally internal to, CERTIFIED and with many years of EXPERIENCE in software development.

What you will get is exactly what you initially expected, because the team we entrust you to, will remain constantly by your side, following a PRECISE work METHOD that goes through 6 SPECIFIC PHASES.
After the release phase, if you wish, we can provide ASSISTANCE and MAINTENANCE for your new solution, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

of Designing and Developing a Solution

1. Requirements Analysis

5. Issue

2. Design and development

6.Support and maintenance
24 hours a day, 365 days a year

3. Internal tests


4.Customer verification

Thanks to experience, competence and work methodology, we have served many companies in recent years.
Now we are ready to satisfy you too.

of solutions by

There are no limits to the APPLICATIONS and SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS we can design and build..
To understand even better what is developed by our Team, here are 3 EXAMPLES:

1. TELECOMMUNICATIONS manages the OSS systems of one of the leading international telecommunication companies.
For this Customer we have developed, distributed and managed systems aimed at configuration and provisioning, fault management, inventory and security, statistics and reporting at network level.
We have also taken care of systems aimed at service management for interaction with end customers and order management, interaction with service providers and for the production of statistics and reports on the progress of services (voice traffic, data, etc.).
The complete automation of processes has allowed our Client to optimize the use of resources, customize applications and simplify their use, thus facilitating management.


The Gold Partnership with Microarea of the Zucchetti group has enabled us to offer customized solutions to a multinational of the Mechanical Industry, designed to administer all activities: administration and accounting, active and passive cycle, logistics, storage, production and planning.
Thanks to proprietary virtualization and secure remote access solutions, the fastERA group has allowed the Customer to overcome traditional physical barriers, allowing them to work anywhere they want to.

3. STAFF ANALYSIS has developed a web application able to analyze, using specific algorithms, the results of psychometric questionnaires filled out by candidates.
The results are expressed through clear and precise graphics that provide managers of the personnel selection process with a comprehensive description of each candidate.
Thanks to the design of a special control panel, which guarantees autonomy in the management of content, prints, drawings, log display and users authorized to access with relative privilege (Admin or User), the Client has been able to successfully guide, monitor and finalize the entire selection process.